DENEFF Energy-Efficiency-Hack 2020

#eehack2020 - catalyst for ideas. launchpad for innovation. 

Ideate new energy efficiency solutions. Create concepts and prototypes to fuel the Energiewende. Fight climate change and shape a sustainable future at #eehack2020.

Alte Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin

More than 150 engineers, coders, designers, psychologists, social scientists and entrepreneurs will gather in Berlin to hack 4 of the most important and complicated energy efficiency challenges!

Challenge(s) accepted!

Your team will pick one of the four challenges:

#1) Fight Climate Change Today by Creating the Carbon Neutral Office Building of Tomorrow | powered by Danfoss

#2) Create Innovative Corporate E-Mobility Services to Drive Zero Carbon Transition in Transportation | powered by ENGIE

#3) Make a Factory Hyper Energy Efficient with the Power of Your Smartphone | powered by KSB

#4) Make the Industry 2°-ready | powered by MVV Enamic


Registration and further information: